We are pleased to report excellent results from our Wearer Trial with one of the UK’s leading Fire and Rescue Services, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services. From an initial sample of 50 officers and crew and 50% of feedback forms returned, we saw a range of detailed comments and excellent overall ratings.

Working with Jerry Leonard, Operational Equipment Officer, we wanted to see how Defender™ Fire Retardant Socks performed under demanding and genuine conditions – in the station, the office and at fire incidents.

“More comfortable, nicer feel, softer, better shape.”

After a minimum six week period, the socks were assessed by each wearer in a number of categories – look and feel, comfort, durability and overall performance. They were also asked for their comments and preference over their existing service issue socks. Most of the users in the trial had some operational duties (40%) as well as office duties (60%), so the socks were thoroughly tested in all types of working environment.

At the end of the trial – after at least five wash-wear cycles – the wearers were asked to complete a simple feedback form. The overall response on wear and comfort was exceptionally high (see diagram right) with respondents rating the socks 4/5 or “Good” in most categories.

“The Defender socks are harder wearing”

If the socks came into contact with fire, wearers reported very high satisfaction ratings of 5/5 or “Excellent” and overall, users rated their performance as 4/4 or “Good” with a high 64% preferring these socks over any other, regardless of whether these were the service issue socks or their own purchase.

Sock image “Much more comfortable and durable than old-style black socks”

Importantly, users rated the socks very highly for comfort, despite the trial being carried out during one of the hottest months for decades!

“Massive imporvement on issue socks which last 2-3 weeks”

Quite rightly, those wearers who tested the Padded Plus style pointed out how hot these were. However, since we offer a lightweight version which was not included in this trial, we felt that although the criticism was justified, in reality the lightweight version would have been supplied in such hot weather conditions and would, we believe, have performed equally well.

Sock image

As makers of Defender™ Fire Retardant Socks you would expect us to be enthusiastic and positive about our own product. But independent wearer trials show what real users think.

We would like to thank Hampshire Fire and Rescue for their kind assistance in conducting these wearer trials in the UK and for allowing us to publicise the results.

If you are interested in conducting your own in-house trial, at no cost, please use the contact Us page to get in touch and let us know your requirements. We think you’ll be pleased with the feedback!

To download a copy of the report in PDF format please click here.



Fire Retardant to BS Index 2
(BS EN 533:1997)

Blisterguard™ protection


Cushioned and non-cushioned options

Guaranteed 1 year wash/wear cycle

Ventilated construction aids moisture management

3 performance grades - Lightweight, Padded, Padded Plus.