Defender is just one of the products of a company called Ridgeview, based in Tralee, County Kerry, on the beautiful south-west coast of Ireland.

Ridgeview was established in 1985 as a sport sock manufacturer and in 2000 the management team bought out the company from its American owener, Ridgeview Inc.

Since then, a major restructuring and development of sourced manufacturing means that Ridgeview Ltd is well-placed to meet the global demands of its customers while competing effectively against countries where labour costs are lower.

You can find out more about Ridgeview from our company website:




Fire Retardant to BS Index 2
(BS EN 533:1997)

Blisterguard™ protection


Cushioned and non-cushioned options

Guaranteed 1 year wash/wear cycle

Ventilated construction aids moisture management

3 performance grades - Lightweight, Padded, Padded Plus.