There are currently three performance grades of Defender to choose from:



Padded Plus

All grades contain a blend of 50/50 Lenzing FR® and Kermel® - established fire retardant yarns. In addition, we use Lycra® and other fibres to enhance the wear, fit, comfort and durability of the product.

All grades include Lintoe® seams, ventilation channels and elasticated arch braces for comfort and moisture management. All grades have anti-bacterial properties.

Padded and Padded Plus have additional cushioned padding in heel, toe and sole for added comfort.

Padded Plus includes Profilen®, reducing blistering and abrasion over long-term wear.

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Fire Retardant to BS Index 2
(BS EN 533:1997)

Blisterguard™ protection


Cushioned and non-cushioned options

Guaranteed 1 year wash/wear cycle

Ventilated construction aids moisture management

3 performance grades - Lightweight, Padded, Padded Plus.